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My quick story

I have been building web stuff since I was 11 years-old. Back in the day I tinkered endlessly with the site builder tool from Geocities and came up with a few sites where I could host the Flash animations I was making for my friends. Later, the game changed and the cool stuff was made with Dreamweaver, so I used it to make fan-club websites for my favourite musicians. When social media came around I was making myspace websites look stunning (14 year old me thought so) with my sick html / css skills.

Since then I haven’t stopped learning and creating. I have been involved in music, photography, sound engineering, electronic engineering, programming, video production, feature film post-production, VR games, and 3D sound.

In the last few years, I have been increasingly working on software development in my professional life. I’ve been lucky to have worked alongside senior developers and designers, who have taught me what’s expected from a quality product.

As a developer

I pay close attention to my code’s readability. Sure, I’ll put together something as quickly as possible to make it work, but after that I’ll spend a good amount of time commenting and organizing everything. Mi casa es tu casa, I want you to feel welcome around my code.

Clean, consistent, readable and maintainable code. It’s great when features work, but it’s even greater whenever they can stay that way, regardless of who’s working on them.

I’m excited to work on new projects, because I learn something new every time. I’m excited for the next challenge!

As a person

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be resourceful. I’ll take a problem, break it into smaller bits and MacGyver myself a solution. Creativity has helped me sail around tough obstacles.

I’m curious by nature and I love learning. I’ve amassed a wide range of skills and interests that when put together, end up feeding my career in one way or another. I’m what they call a T-shaped individual.

As a colleague

I’m a team player, with my background in engineering and art, I feel comfortable interacting with both the technically oriented people of the team as well as the artistically oriented ones. I will always go the extra mile to help my team.

My communications skills are excellent. I’ve worked on the side as a teacher for ten years. This experience has made me feel comfortable at conveying ideas in creative ways so that everyone can understand them.

My experience working for a small startup gave me exposure to the business side of a tech company, while at the same time delivering industry standard results on the production side. I have lead projects where we collaborated directly with Facebook and Amazon.

I’m always happy to pull an espresso shot and make some latte art for a colleague. I love to cook, so be on the lookout for the next potluck.

I want to hear from you!

Alejandro Aspinwall
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