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Is an application I developed as the final of my front-end bootcamp at Concordia. I built it from scratch using React and deployed a Progressive Web App that is compatible with mobile devices.


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Project Purpose and Goal

I wanted to develop an application that would help me keep on course with healthy eating habits. A few months back, my nutritionist made a meal plan for me and emailed a PDF. The process of opening my email, finding her pdf, waiting for it to load, and finally scrolling through what I wanted, was getting very tedious. I wanted to make something fun and easy to use.

My goal was to make it simple so that I could glance at the meal and know the portion sizes. I also wanted a quick filter that would show breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Web Stack and Explanation

This was my first application from scratch using React. Looking back, I think I could’ve achieved the same results using vanilla JavaScript but at the time I wanted to understand React as much as possible.

I wanted to challenge myself to go a step further from the course’s requirements. I wanted to learn more about Progressive Web Apps and wanted to implement it in my code.

For deployment I chose Netlify because it integrates seamlessly with github. Anytime I push new changes to the repository, Netlify runs my scripts and builds the website.

Problems and Thought Process

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It took me some time to adapt my thinking to the way React works but after the first few days I was comfortable with it. My biggest problem was understanding states and passing them between components. I eventually realized that most of my problems could’ve been solved with a state store such as Redux, but I got good results from passing callbacks between components.

Deploying the PWA was easier than I thought because it does most of the heavy-lifting for you out of the box if you use create-react-app. The rest was testing it on different devices and making sure there were no cross-platform issues.

Finally, I wanted to make the site as fast as possible and unfortunately my images were the bottleneck of the application. Since I wanted it to load fast and be responsive, I opted for an image cloud resizing application. I chose because it is free and they have easy to use tools. I loved their documentation.

Future work

I want to refactor the code and make it as clean as possible. I would like to add a backend and user authentication so that other people can use it. I think that going back to my old code will be a reminder of where I started and where I am at right now.

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